Water Rescue at Castle Rock
By News Staff
June 8, 2019

At approximately 6pm, Friday, June 7th, South Salem firefighters were alerted to a water rescue on Lake Waccabuc in the area of Castle Rock. Responding units were advised that there was a victim, still in the water, with loss of feeling in their lower extremities. Chief Lynch, in command, advised the first arriving Paramedics, that Ex-Chief A.Llewellyn was in route in a personal watercraft, and would be able to bring them directly to the victim.
As patient contact was being made, U79 w/Marine 33 and R21 arrived on scene. With two personal boats already in use for the rescue, the decision was made to not launch M33. Members trekked through the woods to where the victim was, donning personal flotation devices, members entered the water to assist with patient care.
A resident, with a pontoon boat, was utilized to pick up extra firefighters and members of the Lewisboro Ambulance Corps and bring them to the scene. In a combined team effort, the victim, while still in the water, was backboard and lifted onto the pontoon boat, where they were brought to a dock, and carried to the ambulance.
A big thank you goes out to Nicholas Savastano for his assistance in this rescue.

This was the 2nd water rescue for the South Salem Fire Department in less than 3 weeks, as firefighters rescued an overturned Kayaker in Lake Truesdale on May 21st.

Units: 2451, 2453, U79, M33, R21
Mutual Aid: WEMS, LVAC, LPD