Ice/Cold Water Rescue Training
By 1st Assistant Chief Mike Devito
February 23, 2020

Even though there were spring like temperatures this past Sunday morning, members were still able to take advantage of some lingering ice for an ice/cold water rescue drill. Firefighters spent about an hour doing classroom training followed by about 2 hours of practical training in the pond of the Lewisboro Town Park. Members practiced multiple techniques of victim removal during winter weather should the case ever arise for someone to have fallen through the ice.

Please remember that the recommend safe ice thickness for skating and walking is a minimum of 4 inches. The thickness of ice can vary greatly though from one section to the next due to such factors as water depth, movement of the water, chemicals from runoff and logs, rocks and docks absorbing heat from the sun. Ice safety is important, so you should never go out on ice unless it has been tested and posted that it is safe.

Units: Car 2451, 2452, Rescue 21 and Utility 79