COVID - 19 Health & Safety
By Firefighter Mike Harris
March 23, 2020

As all members of our community learn to live with this new normal for the time being, the members of the SSFD are taking action to help protect themselves and others.

As far as the Department goes, members have updated their policies to provide extra sanitation and cleanliness when responding to calls. Members are also taking precautions to keep social distancing within themselves on firehouse grounds, and all group activities have been cancelled at this time. Members will of course continue to respond to all calls and your safety and well being will not be compromised.

What local community members can do to help, is make sure to communicate and provide any known information to responding members. We're making these sheets available to you that can be downloaded and printed to post by your front door to allow first responders to know any information pertaining to them, to better help them protect themselves and others.

As always we thank our neighboring departments for sharing resources and communication and our community members for doing your part to all stay safe and healthy!

Attachment Caution Known Exp Active Symp.pdf  (29k)
Attachment Caution Known Exp No Symp.pdf  (29k)
Attachment Caution No Known Exp Symp Present.pdf  (29k)
Attachment Caution Positive Test.pdf  (29k)
Attachment Caution Precautionary No Symptoms.pdf  (29k)