Parade Night Information
By News Staff
August 9, 2021

The members of the South Salem Fire Department are excited to welcome all our friends and neighbors back to Carnival Week. For those of you who are planning on attending the Parade/Carnival on Wednesday night, or plan on just traveling through town, please see the information below.

-Parade Information - Wednesday Night -
The Parade will begin at 7pm. The parade start is at Spring Street/Route 35 in front of the NY State Police Barracks.
The Parade will last approximately 45 minutes.
-Route 35 will be SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY from Boutonville Road/Route 35 and Spring Street South/Route 35.
-There will be detour signs posted
-If traveling East - Spring Street South to Route 124 to Sabathday Hill Road to Pine Hill Drive to Boutonville Road
-If traveling West - Boutonville Road to Pine Hill Road to Sabathday Hill Road to Route 124 to Spring Street South

-Parking Information - Wednesday Night
-We are anticipating a large crowd Wednesday night
-If you plan on parking at the firehouse, we suggest you arrive no later than 6:30pm (the Carnival opens at 6pm)
-If parking at the firehouse is full, there is a shuttle that will run continuously from the Town Park.
-Once the parade begins, there will be no travel to the firehouse until the parade conclusion